All residents, organizations, and businesses within our boundaries are welcome to become members of GENA.

Please come to one of our monthly meetings to learn more about GENA.


6:30 pm

3rd Tuesdays

Emerson Elementary Library

Campbell Road



March 17, 2020

April 21, 2020

May 19, 2020

Tuesday, 3/17/20

GENA Meeting

6:30 Meeting

Emerson Elementary Library

2101 Campbell Road


Hello neighbors, After discussion, the GENA officers have decided to cancel the March GENA neighborhood meeting due to growing concerns about the COVID-19 virus. Ensuring the health and safety of neighbors is always very important. Thank you for understanding this decision and make sure to follow these guidelines in order to stay healthy:

-Wash your hands frequently, especially upon entering your home

-Cover your mouth with you arm when you sneeze or cough

-Minimize touching your face -Limit physical touching with others and practice "social distancing"

-Keep surfaces clean

-if you have flu-like symptoms, sever cold symptoms, or have come into contact with someone who feels sick, self-quarantine yourself and call your doctor


For more information on how to protect yourself and others, visit the CDC website ( or the World Health Organization website (


Have a great weak GENA. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive!


  • 2020 Trail Plan Presentation on March 9th at 6PM in Council Chambers at City Hall


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 Join a  Garden Team.

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GENA City & County Representatives

Common Council Representatives
District 3: Barb Janssen
District 4: Larry Sleznikow
District 5: Justice Weaver
County Board Supervisor
District 4: Maureen Freedland

GENA Executive Team

Eric Garland, Chair

Michele Ericsson, Treasurer

Joey Rampolla, Media Secretary

Wade Miller, Member-at-Large

Past Chairs  

Nora Garland

Contact us if you have comments, questions, or suggestions:

PO Box 1661, La Crosse, WI 54601

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