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All residents, organizations, and businesses within our boundaries are welcome to become members of GENA.

Please come to one of our monthly meetings to learn more about GENA.


7:00 pm

3rd Tuesdays

Now resuming in-person meetings at Myrick Park



November 15, 2022

Tues. October 18th, 2022

GENA Meeting

Meeting Guests

Tim Acklin

City Planning Department

City and County Representatives




Next GENA Meeting

Tues., November 15th, 2022

Please let us know if you are interested

in serving your neighborhood!



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Get Involved!

Help with the La Crosse Climate Action Plan by completing a survey

and /or sharing your climate change story.

Click on the poster above.

March 13
School District of La Crosse
Candidate Forum

If you would like to get involved....

 Join a  Garden Team.

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Help with a GENA project:

Stay Tuned


Become a GENA Liaison

to your nearby neighbors.

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GENA City & County Representatives

Common Council Representatives
District 3: Barb Janssen
District 4: Larry Sleznikow
District 5: Jenesea Hameister

County Board Supervisors
District 3: David Pierce
District 4: Maureen Freedland
District 5: Grant Mathu

GENA Executive Team

Sean Hurtubise and Julia Jesperson

Anne Galbraith

Media Manager:
Amy Schweiner

Past Chairs  
Eric and Nora Garland

Contact us if you have comments, questions, or suggestions:
PO Box 1661, La Crosse, WI 54601


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City of La Crosse Resources

-City Knowledge Database
-Submit requests for services

Click the image to download the

MyLAX Android Phone Approsse

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