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Grandview Emerson Neighborhood is bordered by the La Crosse Marsh to the north, Cass Street to the south, West Avenue to the west, and Losey Boulevard to the east.
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In November 2005, the City of La Crosse authorized the Planning Department to prepare a neighborhood plan for the Grandview Emerson Neighborhood. Based on a survey of over 1,300 neighborhood property owners and at least seven public meetings, the Grandview Emerson Plan was endorsed and in 2006, the Grandview Emerson Neighborhood Association  (GENA) was recognized by the City of La Crosse. 


  • A free GENA membership is open to any resident or property owner, 18 and over, who lives within GENA boundaries.

  • Membership is also extended to one representative of businesses and organizations located within GENA boundaries. Each business or organization may appoint one representative to the association.   ​​

2016 GENA Plan Update

GENA’s 2017 Plan Update was a sixteen-month process that involved initial planning by a 14-member Ad Hoc Committee of stakeholders, a survey 1400 residents, exercises at GENA meetings, and research by the City Departments to update data. Of the 1400 surveys dispersed, 287 were returned. The results confirm that the Grandview Emerson Neighborhood remains an attractive place to live. 

2016 VISION 

To create a neighborhood in La Crosse wherein all residents engage cooperatively with each other, GENA property owners, business owners, students, non-profits, religious organizations, UW-L, the City and the School District to provide a safe, healthy, active, diverse, and family-friendly neighborhood while continuing to preserve and strengthen its historic character, its environmental and social amenities, and its connection to its neighborhood schools and other neighborhood institutions.


In 2014, the Grandview Emerson Neighborhood Association (GENA) adopted its bylaws. The bylaws were most recently amended in 2017 to include an affirmation of chapter status within La Crosse Neighborhoods, Inc., a nonprofit corporation established "to advocate for initiatives, policies, and programs that protect, preserve and improve all of the neighborhoods in the La Crosse area for all of the residents."

  • Members are the basic governing body of GENA. They select all officers and committee chair people and determine all policies of the group.

  • Members are designated as being "in good standing" when they have attended two or more general meetings during the previous year and signed the roster for those meetings.

  • Members in good standing can vote at their 2nd meeting and may cast one vote on all business, including the election of officers.

  • Annual guest memberships can be given to former neighborhood residents at the discretion of the members. Guest members may not hold office or represent GENA to other entities.

  • GENA has a chair and vice-chair, a secretary/treasurer (or two individuals who each assume one of these duties), and a member-at-large.  Each of these officers carries a two-year term.

  • Nomination of officers takes place at the meeting before each year’s October meeting.

  • Election of officers occurs in November and their two-year terms begin the day following the election.

  • Elections are staggered so that no more than two (2) positions are open at any given time.

  • No officer may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in any one office. 

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