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Dear Grandview Emerson Neighbors,


liaison: a person who establishes and maintains communication for mutual understanding and cooperation


We  need your help. Please consider representing your block as a liaison between the Grandview Emerson Neighborhood Association (GENA) and your nearby neighbors.


One of GENA’s core goals is to help improve neighborhood communication. Although our best resource for information is the monthly membership meeting, we understand that attendance doesn’t always fit everyone’s life.  Despite sharing updates online and through email, we know that we miss some of you, so we are working to extend our community reach through a network of GENA Liaisons.


What will we ask GENA Liaisons to do?


You can help us by:


  • identifying a block or neighborhood area you can serve,

  • receiving GENA news updates and sharing with your area,

  • informing GENA of neighbor updates, good news and problems or concerns,

  • greeting new neighbors with a GENA Welcome Packet,

  • sharing information with neighbors about city resources.


Even if you can’t make GENA’s monthly meetings, you can still participate as a GENA Liaison. You can stay informed about important news through emails, meeting minutes, and by communicating with our Executive Team.


Our intention is to encourage a neighbor-to-neighbor network that can provide helpful information and strengthen communication within our neighborhood and city. If you are interested in volunteering to be a GENA Liaison, or if you have questions or suggestions for us, please reply by email to or call Nora Garland, GENA Co-Chair, at 608-406-5612.


Thanks for considering our request,

GENA Executive Team

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