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October Meeting

October 16, 2018

Meeting Highlights

Fall in Love with Your Neighborhood Family Social

October 13, 2018

2-4 Pm

Copeland Park

Free to the Public

September 2018 General Meeting

September 18, 2018

Meeting Highlights

1. Jack Zabrowski, La Crosse Planning and Development representative, will explain the Mayor's Home Energy Challenge. 

2. Preview and discuss the NRC's Parking District Proposal and the new GENA Pilot Parking

3. Program. Information on Fall Boulevard Tree Planting 
4. Volunteer Opportunities

  • Adopt-a-Garden

  • Fall Tree Planting

  • Fall Family Social

August 2018 General Meeting

August 21, 2018


  • Meet Adam Lorentz, City of La Crosse Transit Manager

  • Vote on the transfer of the Veterans Memorial Pool Campaign from GENA to La Crosse Neighborhoods

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May General Meeting

May 21, 2019

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April General Meeting

April 17, 2018

Meeting Highlights:

March General Meeting

March 20, 2018


  • New Downtown Neighborhood Association and GENA Boundary Change

  • Met new District 5 Council Member, Justice Weaver

  • Met Andrew Woodruff, UWL intern, and previewed website

  • Considered neighborhood improvement requests for 2019-20 City budget.

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